Friday, March 07, 2014

Mike Greer and Spanbuild to do Factory House Builds

Great news. Factory builds are tighter, more accurate, use CNC machines instead of drug-addled hammer hands, and are manufactured under cover. Same as cars and boats, actually.

Yes, of course the factory builds will put some people out of work. That's precisely why the unit costs will be smaller, on the sort of volumes Mike Greer is talking about.

Another thing the article probably did not twig to is (and I'm guessing here...) the enterprise will be self-certified. No mo' CCC contracted-in inspectors needed for a Certificate of Compliance! Which is really only a ten-year warranty anyway. Heck, Mitsi cars offer that....

Now, to persuade the Clueless City Council not to levy the insane Development Contributions taxes, and we'd have ourselves a true game changer. Mike Greer (Press article coupla years back) estimated $75K per house for CCC charges. Roll That back too, and watch the punters roll through the doors!

Or, and sadly much more likely, watch from the CCC sidelines as Selwyn and Waimak take advantage, and continue to eat CCC's lunch....