Friday, September 30, 2005

Happiness through exercise of Intellect

Found this (circuitously) from Leighton Smith's well-organised web site (asp's, no less). The money quote (got to stop using that phrase - ed. OK, boss):

"If happiness comes from a sense of competence and efficacy, the welfare state is worse than a lottery. If the welfare state does what it is supposed to do, abolish problems and risks and guarantee a certain material result whatever we do, then it deprives us of many of our challenges and our responsibilities. That actions have consequences, both rewards and punishments, is not just good because it helps us make better decisions, it is also important because it gives us the sense of control. Without this direct feedback our sense of hopelessness and frustration grows."

Just wander to down the nearest ghetto Glorious State Housing area (if you dare) to get a taste of the aforesaid hopelessness and frustration.

And then move right along. Couldn't possibly be such a linkage. Nothing to see here. Glorious Leader has said so!

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