Friday, October 28, 2005

New links

(ht: PC) - Having linked Roger Sandall myself, delighted to discover a Keith Windschuttle site. Both are of the old pre-post-modernist school: one a retired anthropogist, the other a historian, with values which essentially rank truth above theory.

Sandall has no truck with multi-culturalism, having experienced far too many of its effects on the Far North Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Windschuttle has exposed many of the Aboriginal 'genocides' as fabrications in his recent works.

Both come across, from my reading of both their writings and Web sites, as decent and courageous souls. Decent, in the old sense of the word, means someone whose integrity is unquestioned, who can be relied upon, and who is not out for #1 at all costs.

An old-fashioned word, but one which is coming back into vogue, as people discover, for the umpteenth time (as in Gods of the Copybook Headings...), that, when all is said and done, an intelligent, courteous and moderate path along life's bumpy road, is something to aspire to.

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