Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dem 'Toons

Lots of heat and little light in our own benighted and multi-culti-infested media warrens.

Antidotes hereby prescribed:

Belmont Club has a good set of posts on strategies, and notes that the orchestrated 'toons controversy is likely to derail radical Islam's designs on Europe by engaging it on two fronts simultaneously: not something the lead-from-some-cave-somewhere kriegmeisters had probably figured on.

Mark Steyn has a deliciously sardonic article on the topic: read it and laugh.

And just watch the hapless creatures over at FrogBlog, caught in a quagmire of cultural quailing, uneasy defence of a Press they would love to regulate, disdainful dismissals of religions as relics of irrationality, and general thrashing about while slowly sinking. Friends close, but enemies closer, that's the deal.

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