Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So That's the problem

Here's a neat piss-take on the Scary (well, scarily bad) Science behind the Beeb's recent trip to the thinner atmospheres of unreason, re WiFi radiation in the home.

Sort of reminds you of all the other Chicken Little fads that we, as dumb humans, seem to need to work through every once in a while:

'A Blueprint for Survival' - I still have a yellowing copy (you'd think they'd have printed the damn thing on Sustainable Paper, no?). Hmm - Amazon have it for $USD78.71...Cash registers signs go up in the eyes. Well, after all, the Sunday Times did say 'nightmarishly convincing - after reading it nothing seems quite the same anymore'. Funny - I had that same reaction about 'America Alone'.

'The Population Bomb' - count the kids in Your household and tell me this one didn't seize hold. Pity they never told those Others...

'The Coming Ice Age' - a perennial favourite.

Why, there's a pattern there!

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