Thursday, November 26, 2009

Climategate - a few links

The 'Hardly Screwed' epithet which envious types used to throw at the University of east Anglia's Climate Research Unit is spookily accurate, possums....

Chiefio - who has discovered the 'snowbird' tendency of global thermometering - is my favourite link, because he took the time to actually build a test Linux box, work through the GisTemp code and station data, and think about the results. An engineer after me own heart. The results, for those lazy sods who don't click links is threefold:

1 - fewer thermometers in the world over time
2 - survivors tend to be at the coast or at low altitude
3 - history data, being from high altitudes as well, plus inland, is inherently different and colder, so the 'snowbird' thermometers (coastal or low altitude) with which this history is being compared show Warming! Quelle surprise....

Iowahawk has given us a short lesson on the climatologist ecology. Read it and laugh. Or have a replacement keyboard handy if you are consuming liquid refreshment.

Smoking gun or AGW Mushroom Cloud? I favour the latter, but the deaths will take years, and will be by radiation poisoning - the slow cutting off of grants funding....

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