Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Licensed Building Practitioners

This will quite simply cause a polarisation in the market. Most repair/maintenance can be made to look as though it's always been there. So goodbye LBP's, consents, the swinging fees and official scrutiny for this type of work. Who could ever tell that it had happened at all? I recall saying something to this effect years ago....

There simply won't be any point in the middle-level type of extensions, alterations etc. By the time you've stumped up for the engineer, the LBP'ed foundation guy, the LBP'ed structural builder, the LBP'ed interior carpenter, the LBP'ed roofie, the LBP'ed exterior plasterer, the LBP'ed brickie or blockie, the LBP'ed Site Manager, the building consent fee, the inspections fees (one per trade needed!), not to mention the materials (remember them?), the supervisions, the architect if'n yer really stupid, and the resource consent if yer neighbours get a fit of the Nimby's, why, it will be much simpler to give the old dump the flick and buy something closer to what you actually want.

I think this is called 'Unintended Consequences'.

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