Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Dateline Harrogate Saturday 22nd

Drive Scarborough to Harrogate in the morning (Saturday) to see the threads exhibition and trade show (for M's work).
Tuck in behind a Rover, travel quite happily (they seem to know the road) for the first half of the journey at speeds up to 90 mph (140 kph). Then gradually the volumes of traffic build up and then we are back to 40-45 mph as we approach Harrogate, to single lane non passing possible roads, which seem (as in NZ) to be held hostage to the least confident/competent or oldest drivers, or, believe it or not, to tractors towing great trailers full of animal faeces. They actually expect main road traffic to yield way to these throwbacks.
Arrive at Harrogate, have a slap-up lunch at a little underground restaurant in the mediaeval part of the town, with attentive service and great food. Find a hotel (the White Hart) with a lower tarrif than in Scarborough, and better facilties. Clearly, Harrogate (which has a niche market in conferences and exhibitions) has greatly benefitted from the related international tourism service aspect. Check in, and phone brother in Somerset. Speed limit is in fact 60 (100k) or 70 on motorways. Oops...
Wander around Harrogate a bit (slept all afternoon after that rather stressful driving) - full of antique shops and good restaurants. We have a marvellous hotel meal at night, complete with that cheeky little Aussie shiraz I've been missing up till now, 2000 vintage no less!

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