Monday, November 03, 2003

Trip impressions

Auckland to LAX - in the back ... always a lumpy ride. Slept a little, watched DVD (Buena Vista Social Club) on the HP. Great widescreen quality. Great movie.
Flew in to LAX Terminal 1, out from Tom Bradley Terminal. Full-strength immigration - green forms, even though we were just in transit.
But no Customs, just a baggage transfer. TB Terminal is well set out, showing signs of wear, good views including the iconic 'Hollywood' sign in the distant hills.
Flew BA World Traveller class out from LAX to London - first row of seats, very spacious, slept not badly.
Had copied most of our favourite CD's into Media Player library - quite impressive quality, each CD around 40-50 mB. Used a splitter jack so we could both listen at once. Very good.

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