Friday, November 14, 2003

London Day #11 Thursday Nov 13 - Night

M came up to Kypera and did some stitch graphing work. We walked back along my morning route: West Smithfield, Old Bailey, Ludgate Hill, Cannon St. Quick BK at Cannon St (they are supposed to be the same taste the world over but the NZ BK is far better...). Then walk down the Thames North bank to Charing Cross - quite a step, and we ended up wishing we had caught the Tube to Embankment instead. But a beautiful night view along the Thames, anyway. The directions thing continues - got asked directions by a truckie.....
Then the London Eye (the biggest, slowest ferris wheel in the world). Absolutely well worth it - only 11 quid each - and we were almost the last pax (close to closing time) and uncrowded, plus the night was clear and sharp. Great views all around. Usual London landmarks - St Pauls, Parliament, really well lit. Took a couple of photos but they were long exposures and hence fuzzy. Tried a burst of short movies instead, just panning around the blaze of lights. So-so results (we dump the card contents onto M's laptop each night and name the shots before we forget what they are). Then back over the river, tube from Embankment station home. Familiar trip now, but we are changing hotels tomorrow, so last night. Stocked up on fruit at Sainsbury's - English Breakfasts are not over-keen on healthy ingredients.

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