Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Somerset, Day #7

Take-it-easy day: M's Dad died last week and while this was expected, still a wrench to be so far away. Speech to do and mail, to be read at the funeral.
The afternoon was excursion time - to Montacute (house, village - typical English country house and gorgeous village). Wandered through St Catherine's church in the village (great gargoyles, Green Man plus one Norman one under the organ stall), and then up Hedgecock Hill (with a folly on top, which we climbed). Hill has a motte-and-bailey defence dating from Norman times. Still very evident. History just oozes out everywhere. I swear I got Norman cowshit in my Caterpillar shoe treads.
Back via Yeovil (home to Westland helicopters) - industrial town with an only slightly charming Main street.

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