Monday, November 17, 2003

London Day #13 Saturday Nov 15

Tourist day! To the laundrette first, then the Big Bus trip all around central London. Stopped off at the Tower and did the trip through the White Tower (there's a lot more at the Tower, but the WT is the centrepiece). Amazingly old, thick walls, vaulted ceilings, air of absolute history. Ravens and remnants of Roman walls outside,, lots of armour, weapons, torture instruments inside.
Did a river boat excursion (packaged in with the Bus tour), ended up at Westminster, rejoined the bus around the West End - Parks, Marble Arch (which used to be Tyburn, another grand day out for the kiddies with multiple hangings). Ended up rather pooped, no lunch, so off to Harrods for a cream tea each. Very good.
Harrods is impressive - tatty in parts, and over the top in others, but a must-see. Walked back to hotel through leafy squares, M navigating (there is so much of London that looks alike at street level that I easily get lost, and the high terraced buildings means that landmarks are hard to locate). Especially at night.

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