Friday, November 14, 2003

London day#10 Wednesday Nov 12

At a Kypera client in High Wycombe - some 25 miles north-west of London. Victoria and Bakerloo deep tubes to Marylebone, then Chiltern Railways train to HW. Fast and efficient service. HW filled with the standard extruded brick housing. Fast train back - very smooth and quick, nice fish (large portions, fresh) meal at night, around the back in Wilton Rd. M has picked out a new hotel in Eccleston Square for the weekend and next week.
Took a walk around the square tonight - leaves are falling rapidly and the nights getting quite sharply colder. This is the weather we had been expecting all along. Square garden is private - residents have keys but the garden is not open to ordinary mortals. We keep getting asked directions - must seem like locals.

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