Friday, November 14, 2003

London day#9 Tuesday Nov 11

At a Kypera client in Bloomsbury. Nice, old part of town (what, in central London, isn't old?) Tube there, bus (the real-thing double decker, not the sanitised new Volvo's) back to Holborn. Holborn has a row of very old Tudor? half-timbered buildings, and a Prudential Association building in new brick, very sympathetically done, lots of fired sculptures inset in to the walls.
Back to Paddington for a quick blog, and try to decide next accommodation - no joy in actually booking the thing over the net. Quick BK meal on the way back via Victoria, then crash again. London is much quieter at night than we had expected, and doesn't really wake up much before 0500. Night noises include aircraft turbofan noise which is quite penetrating. But no construction - this area is so densely settled that it's probably not permitted to proceed at night.

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