Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Dateline York and the Minster Friday 21st

York is a walled city (no dogs allowed on walls signs everywhere) with gates (bars in the local patios) through them.
Minster is simply, totally overwhelming. Very old - Roman drains at the very bottom level, still draining away, and a large Roman military building's foundations in the crypt. Large columns from the Norman cathedral also incorporated into the foundations, and massive reinforcing collars (20th c concrete and bolts) which were needed to stop the whole tower collapsing (again - first one fell over in early 14th century).
Far too much here to describe, but a real sense of the mediaeval mind - so many memorials, inscriptions, carvings, gargoyles. The Church and religion was everywhere and of course claimed total authority. Lots of photos, and a little movie of the striking clock striking 2.15 pm, with 400 year old carved oak figures which strike two chiming bars. And a genuine 21st century child, immortalised in sound as the movie recorded, saying 'oh shit'.

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